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Altruistic Magic

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

I can't think of a better way to kick off my brand sparkling new author website than participating in FALL WRITING FRENZY hosted by Kaitlyn Sanchez and Lydia Lukidis! You can find the other amazing entries here.

When I wrote the first draft I was just finishing up Jess Keating's Epic Authors Academy and was in awe of the positivity, light, and support of Jess and the EAA alums. I got an intuitive nudge when looking at the image below. I wove some of that intuition into Altruistic Magic.

Image: Fall - Credit: Vino Li / Unsplash


182 words

By Michaela Almeida

Under the sliver of the waning crescent moon, the great oak stump brims with magic.

Waiting for those so enchanted.

Ready to send hopes out into the world.

Through the forest, the witches approach.

Placing their cauldron upon the stump.

Preparing the altar.

Candles aglow.

Flickering, dancing.

The witches are ready to begin.

The feather of a spotted owl,

a sprig of rosemary,

the root of a mandrake,

and a pinch of cinnamon.

Mixed feverishly into twice-blessed water.

The witches dance,

Frolicking around the cauldron in the moonlight.

Setting their intentions with a chant.

“On our yearly descent from autumn to winter, we are present.”

Bubble, bubble, churn.

“We are guided by intuition.”

Bubble, bubble, churn.

“We are healers, spreading messages of the highest truth and compassion.”

Bubble, bubble, churn.

“We are creators, bringing the gift of abundance from Mother Earth.”

The cauldron boils over.


The warm glow of altruistic magic settles over the great oak stump.

Intentions set. Their job is finished.

Any trace of the witches, gone.

In their place, twinkling fireflies.

Fluttering up, up, up, toward the moon.

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Even though it's witchy, I get such a warm and cozy vibe. Well done! --Melisa Wrex @mowrex (Twitter)


Sara Kruger
Sara Kruger
Oct 04, 2021

Beautiful. The refrain works so well.


Those are hex-tra special fireflies! ;) Well done!

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