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Birthday! Birthday! Writing Contest

Happy Happy Birthday Birthday to Gennie and Amy! I am so thrilled to participate in their Birthday Contest. If you want to check it out or write your own entry, click here.

When I saw the word puzzle on Amy’s word list, I knew I had to give this idea another shot.

Buckle up for a little backstory...

When I decided I was going to give picture book writing a real shot, I wrote the first draft of this story (a whopping 1,100 words) and immediately submitted it to an agent. No editing. No revisions. No feedback of any kind. No regard for the hundreds of extra words that did not need to be included. Obviously, it was rejected. I do have to say, the lovely agent responded with SUCH a kind rejection.

This sequence of events regularly pops into my mind (thanks anxiety). Really helps me fall asleep at night.

I am reclaiming my utter embarrassment and revisiting this idea in UNDER 100 WORDS.

Here goes nothing (can’t be cringier than the first version) …


By Michaela Almeida

Felix snaps the last piece into place.


He’s whooshed right into his puzzle.

“Ten, nine, eight…”

Inside a rocket ship.

“Seven, six, five…”

Zillions of buttons lit up around him.

“Four, three, two…”





The force pins him back.

He soars toward the stratosphere.

The sky, spotted with stars, grows darker.

Felix grabs the controls, ready for adventure, and…


He’s back home.

Looking at his rocket ship puzzle.

Was it magic?

Or his imagination?

Maybe his imagination is magic…

Ready for another adventure, he closes his eyes.

“Let’s find out.”


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