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#PBCritiqueFest 2021

PBSpotlight is hosting the third annual #PBCritiqueFest!

#PBCritiqueFest gives away 31 picture book critiques! I am so excited to enter this giveaway for the first time!

The list of agents, authors, and author-illustrators participating is loaded with amazingly talented creatives!

Here's how to enter:

Want to stack the deck in your favor? Earn up to 200 additional entries! Check out their blog post explaining how.

I'm looking forward to making connections with others, expanding my personal library, taking the time to review some amazing picture books, and (hopefully) getting a critique of my own work!

I plan to channel my son's summer reading energy. He set his mind on winning a Curious George basket from our local library, read his heart out (by listening to me read my heart out), stuffed hundreds of tickets into the same entry box, and hoped they'd pull his name...

Fingers crossed I am as lucky as he was!

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