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The Halloweensie Mix-Up

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

I was on the fence about joining in on Susannna Hill's Halloweensie contest this year. With some encouragement from the writing community and a little inspiration, I jumped in!

I whittled my story down to exactly 100 words and hopped over to Susanna's blog to enter.

Me: Hmm.. I thought it was the tenth annual Halloweensie contest, not the eleventh?

Also me, realizing: OOOOOOHH NO (with a teensy bit of profanity sprinkled in)

I wrote my Halloweensie story using LAST YEARS WORDS! (skeleton, creep, and mask).

Cue laugh-crying.

I may try to revise, or write a whole new one if I can do it in time, and I'm obviously not entering this one, but I felt bad for my little story. The story of Ankou the skeleton defeating Halloween bullies and finally making a friend deserves to be on the blog!

So, without further ado,


Ankou roams among the trick-or-treaters.

“Arooooo, cool costume!”

He turns to see a child, dressed as a pirate.

“Thanks, Matey! Trick-or-treat with me?”

Werewolf and Pirate take off running, until...


Ankou crashes to the pavement, bare bones revealed.


Another friendship over.

Ankou heads back toward the darkness, alone.

Out of the corner of his eye socket, he sees the pirate, surrounded by bullies.

Ankou creeps over, tapping the biggest one’s shoulder.

He lifts his mask, unhinging his jaw.


The bullies scatter.

Pirate and his candy untouched.

Without a word, Skeleton and Pirate walk away, together.


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1 Comment

Personally, I think you should work in this year's words and make it a tradition every year to keep building and changing the same story. 👍👍👏👏 --Melisa Wrex @mowrex (Twitter)

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